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Friday, November 21, 2008

I've meant to post photos of some of the work I've done on the house, but never seem to think about it until a room is too messy. Yesterday, CeCee was home with me being sick (Wednesday, she was genuinely sick with the stomach flu, this time it was the not-really-sick-but-not-quite-well-enough-to-go-to-school-until-the-bus-has already-left kind of sick), so her job was to clean the toy room. And luckily, I remembered to take a photo during the 5 minutes or so that it was tidy.

My biggest project this month has been window treatments. The previous owner built this house himself, and gave the house some lovely, large windows. Unfortunately, he was also a single guy and he loved vertical blinds. I HATE vertical blinds. They're ugly, they're flimsy, and they have no insulating value at all. When our recent cold spell (please tell me it's just a cold spell and not that will suffer through this all winter) hit, we learned that we need more than vertical blinds to keep the house comfortable, so I had the license I needed to drape the whole house. The big windows in the great room presented some challenges. There are two french doors flanking the fireplace, with no room for a panel in the middle. With decorator's fabric being so expensive, I chose to buy lined panels, then rip out the seams and customize them to fit the windows. It was about the same amount of work as sewing them from scratch, but I do like the end result. The pics below are the great room, but I've done the same process with the bedroom and basement windows--all are oversized.


Lori Ann said...

WOW! It looks fantastic! I really like the furniture in the great room (although I recognize that coffee table and I'm surprised to still see it). The windows and the view are so nice. I bet you love sitting on the couch and being able to see such a great picture.
The girl's play room is adorable. The castles and things on the walls are super cute and I'm sure CeCee and Louie both love the color on the walls. Now I have to come visit.

Tamara said...

@Lori: Ha-ha! The coffee table is one of my next projects--I'm going to refinish it. You know James will never let me replace, since it's his favorite place to store and show off his rock collection.

And yes, you must come visit when you can find the time.

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