Deer Season

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've seen a few SUVs with this "camo-wrap" driving around. I wonder if they make one for the Toyota Prius--what a great Christmas present for James :-)

It's the opening weekend of Deer Season in Illinois. On Friday, Walmart was full of small groups of men pushing shopping carts full of assortments of snacks, ammo and camo-style clothes. I've never seen anything like it. I overheard a discussion of whether anyone could open a can of soda quietly. ("Ain't no way I'm drinking water out there," one guy said. The consensus was he could drink "pop" if he brought a bottle and opened it before going out into the field so the fizz wouldn't make any noise.) Surprisingly, no one had any beer in their carts.

We've seen a lot of hunters around our "neighborhood," scoping out places to hunt. I'm a little glad it's freezing cold outside--I don't really want my kids playing outside this week. Some of these hunters were scoping land much too close to houses, IMO.

I'm learning just how widespread the hunting culture is. I saw a little of it growing up in Arizona and Idaho, but because my dad wasn't a hunter, I guess I didn't notice the excitement surrounding deer season beyond getting a four-day weekend off school for the opening weekend. The pic on the side came in a catalog addressed to the former owner of our home (the USPS doesn't forward catalogs, so we can peer into Fred's shopping habits). I can't imagine anyone wearing this in a thicket for 12 hours waiting for a buck, but who knows? Or maybe this is for the gal who is waiting for her man to bring home a 12-point rack and wants to have fun later--no idea.


Tia Juana said...

Okay so it's time to come and say hello after seeing you over on Amy's blog. I visited your blog once a while back - lurker style- but have only checked in occassionally feeling like, will she think I'm crazy and really remember me if I comment and then I come and see that I"m on your list so obviously you will know who I am when I put myself out here in a non lurker way! I can't believe how big your girls are and I'm glad to see you settling into your new home.

I promise to not be such a lurker now.

khepworth said...

Seriously! Any woman who will wear como lingerie for her man is a True woman. LOL! said...

Your posts about your area just crack me up. Maybe I've spent too much time living on the liberal coasts, but I really didn't know places like these existed anymore. Camo cars, wow.

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