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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After a nearly a year of kindergarten, CeCee and Doodle have come to love reading and words in every form. They've graduated from asking me how to spell everything to sounding out their words. This image is a school lunch menu Doodle wrote out while pretending to be the teacher.

I think my favorite thing about reading their creations is realizing how much I visualize words as I say them, and I find it interesting how they construct words. Who can argue that "wodr" isn't every bit as good as "water"?


The Clayburn Family said...

I Love this! This post made me smile!

Lauren and James said...

Yep, that's great. Glad you explained cause that was the one I couldn't figure out!

Lori Ann said...

Your girls are the cutest!

JEditor said...

I like "is" for "ice." I enjoyed trying to decipher the code. That's a great way to learn how to spell. I have two in kindergarten right now, and they are doing the same things, writing "stories." They are amused when I am able to read what they wrote. (I am less amused when my 10- and 15-year-olds appear to be at the same skill level :)

Cori said...

So cute!!! I agree with the first comment. This post totally made me smile. I cant wait until you guys come down in the summer!!!!

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