You Can't Get to Heaven on Rollerskates, but They Sure are Fun!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doodle has wanted rollerskates since last fall, when she put them on her Christmas list. CeCee heard Doodle's wish list and added them to her must-have list, too. Unfortunately, the snow and ice of winter don't make for good skating, and since we traveled to Utah for the holidays, I needed the presents to be as compact as possible. I warned them that Santa probably wouldn't bring the skates, but that if they continuted to be patient, I would buy skates in the spring.

Two days before the official start of spring, the weather was perfect for learning to skate. The girls cheered when they found the skates on the front porch. Louie declared she was the luckiest of the bunch, because she hadn't even wanted skates, but got some anyway!

These pics are from their first time up on the skates. As you can see, they're natural skaters already.

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What cute skaters! These pictures remind me of roller skating with my sisters. We liked bringing our record player outside so we could listen to our 45 of "Heart of Glass" and make up roller skating routines. Fun times!

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