The Home Improvement Binge

Thursday, February 5, 2009

While James sails the Pacific between Tonga and Fiji, my dad is here for three whole weeks!

I've lots to keep him busy. First thing he did when he arrived was to finish shoveling my long driveway so I could easily drive up it. He rebuilt a hopelessly clogged toilet, replaced a blue toilet with a new, white one, fixed my back door deadbolt so it can actually lock, and rebuilt the closets in the master bedroom and the toy room. Also on his list are: installing new lighting in my kitchen, building a custom kitchen island and bar (I'm so very excited about this), and repairing the burst pipe in the barn. My house is a giant home improvement project right now, with tools scattered in various places, and lots of odds and ends to pick up. I keep shutting doors behind him, turning off lights, and am constantly interrupted to find a tool, hold this in place, make another trip to Lowes or Home Depot, etc. IT IS SO WORTH IT!


Luis Benitez said...

Tamara, this is so cool! Sounds like you are doing a lot of cool stuff and bonding with your Dad!!

On our end, we are anxiously waiting our 3rd meeting with our architects.. they are preparing some sketches on how our house will look.. We are very excited!!!

Tia Juana said...

You are one lucky gal! You get to be with your dad AND you get new stuff. I wish I had a slave - father, husband, handyman off the street - to take over my lists....


Tamara said...


That is so great--I can't wait to see your progress.


This is a very rare treat, and I'm enjoying every bit of it :=-)

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