At the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 11, 2008

James' parents are visiting, and we have a four-day weekend from school (woohoo!). We visited the local pumpkin patch today, and here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Having fun sitting on pumpkins.

They had these giant tubs of corn, similar to sand boxes, perfect for playing in.

And we even wandered through the corn maze.


Marjorie Conder said...

I am the MIL referred to in these posts. We had a grand, even "magical" time with James, Tami and girls. We did know about the handrail saga but not the mattress/boxsprings story. Thanks for looking out for our well-being. Just so you all know, they have a lovely house in a spectacular setting. Their pond is larger than our whole rather large suburban lot. Several dozen catfish call it home. I had never before seen catfish up close. These are large--probably averaging 18 to 24 inches long--and ugly as sin. We understand there are bluegill, bass, a large snake, turtles and mussels that also call the pond home. Some of them we saw, some of them we didn't. The girls love to feed them, but they often don't throw the food out far enough and it is creating an algae problem (too much nitrogen) which James is trying to address. We also saw deer come down in the morning to drink from the pond and heard coyotes from the back deck as they howled at the almost full moon. Tangle is a cute kitten and appropriately named. Cricket is a more typical haughty and aloof cat.

The girls (and their parents) were a continuing joy. As Tami has posted we went to a pumpkin patch. It was a perfect fall day and everyone had a good time (even those of us who did not try the "corn pits"). We made aprons for the girls before we came with the intention of cooking with them. We did indeed cook pizza and cupcakes with them. However it became quickly apparent that the aprons will have a longer and more significant life as "capes" worn backwards as the girls all proclaimed themselves "SUPERGIRLS!" (which of course they are.) They are all so smart, bubbly and obedient (which is doubly important with a 15 ft. deep pond.) All and all I think their parents are doing a great job.

The only down part of this trip and I suppose other such trips is getting there and home. We still flew into St. Louis which is about 2 hours from their home. We very much appreciated them picking us up and taking us back to the airport. DH initially said we could rent a car. I said I didn't want to be wandering around on unfamiliar country roads in the dark. That was wise. Even when we left to return home (in broad daylight) we still probably would have gotten lost. Also I think airline seats are even smaller and more crowded (if that is possible.) And airport security continues to be a pain. I checked out AmTrak, and yes, you can get to Carbondale from Salt Lake that way, but it takes 39 hours! And driving takes about 25. So there aren't many options except to bite the bullet and fly. One good thing is that Southwest at least had a direct flight. So if you can endure the misery for 3 hours flying and the airport time, it is the only way to go.

And finally--congratulations to "Doodle" on her lost tooth. It is a milestone for her and for her parents too. And cute Halloween costumes too.

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