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Sunday, September 21, 2008

After a month away from my blog, I suppose I should get back to blogging, or I'll get so far behind I'll never catch up.

This move was more difficult than I expected it to be. Note to self--next time we are hiring movers! After 8 years in our old house, I just didn't realize how much STUFF we (more realistically, I) had accumulated. We rented a 24-foot truck (the largest truck available) and it didn't begin to hold everything. Most frustrating--we loaded it and misjudged the amount of room needed for our mattress. It had to stay in our neighbor's garage for two weeks until James rented another truck to retrieve the rest of our stuff from storage. We slept on an airmattress during that time.

For the most part, we're no longer living out of boxes, but there are still plenty of boxes of things I need to find homes for. Our living room furniture so far consists of our piano, coffee table, and rug. We've ordered a sofa and loveseat, which will hopefully arrive in a month or so.

The girls are all in school and having a great time. The best part of this is that it gives me a few hours of alone time to work on projects. Now I just need to carve out time to blog as well.


MJ/Mom/GrammaJ said...

I almost didn't check your blog today and am so glad I did! It is fun to see your house and new kitty. If you have tons of stuff after 8 years, I better hope I never move!

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