'88 was Great

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just returned from my 20-year high school reunion, in Kuna Idaho. My wonderful husband thought nothing of sending me off and taking care of the family while I went and played with my old friends. But, there was no way I would have been able to handle flying with the kids and with my cast. The trips there and back were both exhausting.

We had an adults-only evening on Saturday and a families picnic on Sunday. This picture was taken on Saturday, so some of those who attended on Sunday are missing. In total, I think we had a little over a third of our 140 alumni there. I was a little nervous about going--first, embarrassed about the whole broken foot issue and having to repeatedly answer questions about it and hobble about, but also just worried about how our old high-school personalities would interact after 20 years. I'm glad I went. It was great to catch up with people and to see how nice everyone turned out to be. I wouldn't want to do high school over again, but I do wish I had relaxed more, worried less about what people might think of me, and reached out to make more friends outside my immediate circle. (Probably a lesson for me about my life in general!) The cliques that were so strong have largely faded, and it was fun to see how some had hung onto their friendships over the years.

Two Tamaras (Tammy and Tami)

With Tracy and Julie, two best friends that I have managed to hold onto after high school. (My eyes were all watery, and I could barely keep them open)


Lori Ann said...

I'm glad you had a good time. It was funny to see the two Tamaras' in green shirts. I am sad that you were so close and I didn't get to see you, but it was such a quick trip for you.

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